The History of the Working at Height Best Practice Forum

The Working at Height Best Practice Forum has grown from an initial gathering of 30 like-minded individuals who came together to discuss concerns around specific MEWP accidents, through to today’s all-encompassing event attended by over 400 delegates.

Working at Height Best Practice Forum 2013

Founded in 2009, the Working at Height Best Practice Forum was created to bring together leading figureheads within the Powered Access industry and Health and Safety experts to improve standards and advance the safe operation of powered access.

Over the year’s leading manufacturers, associations, contractors, suppliers and end users have come together as one to listen, share and learn. This has then acted as the catalyst for development and progression and resulted in the improvement of safety and best practice across the industry.

Each year the event focuses on the latest issues faced by the industry and endeavours to assist contractors and federations to deliver solutions, policies and practices wherever possible. Together we are able to make the workplace safer. Numerous challenges have been tackled during this time such as operator entrapment, unauthorised use, familiarisation of machines, ground conditions, loading/unloading and the secure handling of materials.

Working at Height Best Practice Forum 2018

The Working at Height Best Practice Forum has helped to highlight issues which have been fed back to the Strategic Forum Plant (MEWP) Safety Group’s (SFPSG), the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and British Standards (BSI), all with the aim of raising awareness to develop solutions in the form of advice, improved guidance and training.

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