Leading Best Practice in Powered Access

Below is just a snippet of the issues addressed over the last decade which have led to improvements across the industry;

Documents and policies

As well as standardising pre-use checklists and offering them to IPAF for use by all, the event has also assisted more than 50 customers with their MEWP policy documents and has run 150 workshops free of charge.

Material handling attachments

A range of material handling attachments have been introduced to address concerns of using a MEWP’s basket or handrails to lift materials at height.

Operator entrapment

After raising awareness of a number of trapping and crushing incidents, the event played a key role in the guidance written by the Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group and in the development of a number of secondary guarding devices.

Operator training

Concerns were raised over the level of training provided in the industry, particularly when operators work in challenging conditions. This was taken to IPAF and a review of its operator training resulted in IPAF’s PAL+ course being developed.

IPAF accident database

Following calls from the industry for consistent MEWP accident reporting, we worked with IPAF to introduce its accident database which is now being used to highlight common trends and accidents that have occurred from around the world.

Ground conditions

In 2014, we arranged for a ground bearing pressure demonstration to take place to raise awareness of the unexpected distribution of weight that can occur when operating and moving MEWPs.

Manufacturing change

We continuously work with manufacturers to design out risk on machines and suggest improvements for the long-term benefit of all. Last year, we also invited the chief executives of two of the world’s largest powered access manufacturers to give talks and take questions from delegates.

Emergency rescue and lowering

Listening to requests for improved access to simple emergency lowering plans, we developed simplified two-page plans which now go to site with our machines. They are loaded onto our website and are freely available for users to download and include within their Risk Assessment and Method statement for pre-task briefings with operators and rescuers. We also ran a number of site workshops free of charge.

We look forward to seeing what development 2019's event will create. See you there!

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